2016 Gill Tract

Farming at the Gill Tract has been a blast this season! We have 10 rows of millet. Each row has a section each of foxtail, pearl, finger, tiffany, red dabi, proso, and TIF pearl millet. The rows were watered weekly for the first 4 weeks, after which point the far left 3 rows stopped receiving water. After another 3 weeks, the next 3 rows stopped receiving water. The final 4 rows have had no interruption to their watering.

We also planted some corn in each row to compare how it handles drought compared to millet. Here are some pictures!

Week 3: The weeds were getting intense, but there was a lot of good millet growing in there too!


Week 5: Looking good!

All rows

In week 7, it became abundantly clear that the wild turkeys prefer finger millet:

plastic comp 4

At Week 9, the field was looking pretty great:

The field

By the Millet Exhibit on September 11, the field looked fantastic!