2. Collaborators

Each of our collaborators are unique people – farmers and organizations that are committed to sustainable and diversified farming. We share a common goal for healthy food, healthy people and a healthy planet.


Doug Mosel, The Mendocino Grain Project
Ukiah, CA
The Mendocino Grain Project aims to provide Mendocino County and adjacent regions with sustainably-cultivated, nutrient-rich grains and legumes.  They grow grains and support other Northern California grain growers by harvesting, cleaning, and milling their crops.  Their granary is in Ukiah, California, at Nelson Family Vineyards in the Russian River Valley south of Ukiah.

Lou Preston, Preston Vineyards
Healdsburg, CA
Preston of Dry Creek is an organic farm and winery located in Dry Creek Valley near the historic farm town of Healdsburg, California. The Prestons include in their repertoire of concerns and commitments food, environmentalism, and community activism.

Mai Nguyen, Ca Phao Farm
Davis, CA
My parents are Vietnamese refugees, they lived through the war, then fled to America and what they did here was work. So my grandma raised me, and in the backyard she grew our dinner: rau răm, củ cải, bí đỏ. Each night, amidst the chaos, we sat down to eat, and we shared a solace and knew a comfort for the hour. This is the truth I know of food, this is the honesty I find in dirt—the knowledge that shapes my purpose and guides my plow.

I started Ca Phao Farm to grow Southeast Asian crops so that Californians can find their own comfort. Food justice means divesting the organic movement of its self-defeating exclusivity. It means understanding the difficulties and constraints of people like my family, and finding ways to provide healthful, affordable options that respect their cultures and intelligence, rather than imposing on them the latest trend.  A farm is land put to work for people: the ones who eat, the ones who grow and harvest, the ones who truck and cook and bake. We have only so much dirt, so we have to make it work for all people, equitably, fairly, and with respect for their traditions and autonomy. I work the land for the people.

Mickey Murch, Gospel Flat Farm
Bolinas, CA
Gospel Flat Farm brings the vision and voice of the good news farm. It is a place of family inspiration; a four-generation project of unbound potential to create a hospitable community-oriented terminal of food, culture, and art.

Polly Goldman, Crop Improvement and Protection Research at the US Department of Agriculture
San Juan Bautista, CA

Sarah Hake, Department of Agronomy
Davis, CA

Jeff Dahlberg, Center Director for Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension (KARE)
Parlier, CA

David Kaisel, Capay Mills, Rumsey, Capay Valley

Kevin Murphy and Jade d’Alpoim Guedes, Sustainable Seed Systems Lab, 273 Johnson Hall

Julia Frech, Yokaya Ranch, Ukiah

Partnerships with organizations:

Jayasri Cherukuri, Satheesh Periyapatna, Millet Network of India

Jon Hoffman, Christina Wistrom, Gill Tract Community Farm



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