January 2017, The Millet Project Teams up with the UC Berkeley Advanced Media Institute.
Jim Jaber, Florence Gadala-Maria, Christy Snyder. Watch the results!

July 2016, Ching Lee of AgAlert, “UC looks into growing more millet in California

Nov 2015, Office of Science and Technology Austria, “Steirische Chemikerin macht Kalifornien Hirse schmackhaft

Nov 2015, Radio interview with Preeti Shekhar on Apex Express 

Oct 2015, Meghan Walsh, “Is this grain the new quinoa?

Sept 2015, Alix Wall, “Is Millet the next super grain?

Aug 2015, Rob Lewis: A video reporting the Millet Project exhibit held on 30th Aug 2015

Aug 2015, Gretchen Kell: “Drought could turn millet into American food“, @

Aug 2015, Ishaan Srivastava: “Millet Advocates hold event at UC Gill Tract“, The Daily Californian

Aug 2015, UC Berkeley news: “Millet Project shows grain isn’t just for the birds“, Press Release by UC Berkeley news

April 2015, Karyn Houston: “Researchers Push for Millet Marketing Miracle“, Press Release by PMB (UC Berkeley)


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