Main Course

Want to contribute to our Millet Project recipes? Email us at the millet project @ (no spaces) with your name and address. We will send you a small bag of millets and all we ask is that if your millet recipe/ innovation is exciting, please send us a picture and a recipe with an optional description of your ideas about millets, and we’ll put it up on our website!

Country of Origin: Austria

1.  Millet Risotto (Risi e Bisi)  Translated from German by Raffaela Bubner

2. Tomato Cheddar Milletto

3. Millet Patties – Recipes I and II – Translated from German by Raffaela Bubner

4. Savory Millet Casserole – Translated from German by Raffaela Bubner


Country of Origin: India

1. Millet pilaf (Upma) – contributed by Bharati M.

2. Millet khichdi – contributed by Amrita Hazra

3. Millet flatbread (Bhakri) – adapted from a recipe by Sulekha Hazra


Country of Origin: Japan


Country of Origin: Kenya


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